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The paintings depict a seated Madonna (posed by Dalí's wife, Gala) with the infant Christ on her lap. Both figures have rectangular holes cut into their torsos, suggestive of their transcendent status. In the 1950 version Christ has bread at the center of his figure. They are posed in a landscape, with a view of Port Lligat, Catalonia seashore in the background, with surrealist details, including nails, fish, seashells, and an egg. The 1949 Madonna has a sea urchin; the 1950 Madonna has a rhinoceros and figures of angels, also posed by Gala.

“I Remember Spring” (Oil on Canvas) a primitive art collectors treasure because of rarity.This beautiful contemporary primitive art works is an oil on canvas is of the John Sedgley Homestead, registered as a National Landmark,  in York, Maine. Its oldest structure built in the late First Period, probably c. 1715, it is the oldest homestead in the State of Maine that is still in its original setting. Birds are flying over the York River with the farmhouse and buildings in the background. Roger E. Lucas, writer, critique and artist.  Mr. Lucas studied with Rose Labrie and began his contemporary primitive art period late in his career. There are very few of his works as he died very young. He held only a small private showing of his work, and a joint show with Rose Labrie, and his works sold out early in the two shows. To own one of his contemporary primitive art works is to own a very rare piece of which to be very proud. $485.00

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